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Sunday, December 17, 2017


How does Carolyn Kisloski come up with all these "sweet" ideas?  I can hardly wait to read the blog every day to learn something new!

Today and tomorrow I'm going to share some of my favorite candy cane activities with you. They're easy to prepare and perfect for this time of the year.

I absolutely love crayon resist painting. I think it's because the kids get SO excited. This is always such a fun activity.


I cut out candy cane shapes, outlined them, and wrote red sight words in every other space. I wrote white crayon sight words in the white spaces. The children had to read the red word, then paint the white section with red watercolor paint. This was areally good activity for following directions, too. The kids did great!



They turned out really cute!

As the children discovered a word and read it, I could check that they knew it. And if someone read it wrong, a friend was quick to correct it. There was so much learning and review of sight words going on, but it just seemed like fun- one of the best ways to learn!

Here is another quick activity. I cut simple candy cane shapes from plain white paper and added mint extract to the red paint. Then, the children marble painted the plain white candy cane with the scented paint. The room smelled wonderful, and the kids had so much fun.



This simple little paper is fun for a whole class writing activity, or to send home for extra practice. Just click on the top picture if you would like a copy of this worksheet.


Here is a fun video of Santa making candy canes!

We have so many ideas like this in our monthly Happies packets. Feel free to check out the previews for our packets each month. Our packets are FULL of ideas to bring happiness to your classroom. You can find these at Dr. Jean’s website or at my TpT Store!


                                                    Thank you for stopping by!