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Monday, December 18, 2017


Time to shut your door and just have some holiday fun with Carolyn's activities.

Just in case you want a week of candy cane fun, here are a couple more quick ideas. For this candy cane activity, I cut lots of large, medium, and small red and white circles. I had each size on its own table. The kids could make whichever sizes they wanted. This was a lot of fun for them because they made these all on their own and had choices. Here are my samples. I didn't even make them write sight words or anything on them- nope! JUST for fun.


This next idea is another fun way to practice sight words. I cut some red and white candy cane shapes.

I printed out our sight words on both red and white paper. I cut them into strips. You could have the kids cut them out, but my objective for this activity was for the kids to choose sight words, read them, and write them- not cutting- so I had them already cut apart.

This was an independent center. I had one table set up with red candy canes and white words- and another set up with white candy canes and red words. The children chose which one they wanted to make.

The children chose ten different word stripes to add to their candy cane. After they made their candy cane, they read their words to a friend at their table. Then, they wrote their words on a recording sheet. You can have the children read the words to you when they are done.

I had each child put a scrap piece of paper under the candy cane cut-out so the glue didn't go all over the table when they glued on the strips.

After they glued on the strips, I turned the candy cane over and helped the children trim the edges.

When they finished this center, they got a mini candy cane to take home and eat as they read their candy cane words to a grown up.

Here is a copy of the sight word sheet I used and the recording sheet in case you'd like it. Just click on the picture if you would like a copy.


And don't forget the peppermint smelling playdough! That's always a winner, too!

We have so many ideas like this in our monthly Happies packets. Feel free to check out the previews for our packets each month. Our packets are FULL of ideas to bring happiness to your classroom. You can find these at Dr. Jean’s website or at my TpT Store!


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