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Friday, December 1, 2017


Today you'll find the preview for our December Happies on my website.


Start each day off right by singing “Feeling Fine” and doing a handshake like the hamburger or the 4-H hello.

Cheer your students on with a brain hug, rollercoaster cheer, or cheese and grater.

Grab their attention with “How does my teacher feel about me?”

And use “Open, Shut Them” and “Miss Molly” to engage their hands, eyes, and ears.

We’ve got videos of all of these, plus science experiments for the senses, a math game, and tips for scissor skills. And how could you get through December without “Jingle Bells”?
We hope you’ll be LAUGHING ALL THE WAY with these free activities!


People frequently ask us for activities in Spanish. I’m excited to tell you that my webmaster (Alex May) had created two new videos just for you!

“Weather Song”


Here's my Facebook video I did on "December Happies"