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Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Carolyn Kisloski can even turn math into holiday fun!

Here is a great way to visually show children addition facts as they are learning them. We made addition sentence chains that the children hung on their lockers. Each child had a fact written on a star that they had to create a math fact chain for. To prepare this lesson, I cut lots of red and green strips and wrote a fact on a star for each child. We work on addition facts to 5, so this was my focus. I had the children use a stapler to make the chains. This worked better for me than glue. You can do either! They love using the small staplers.

I put them up hoping they might make it through the day- but the kids were SO careful with the chains when they opened and closed their lockers, they lasted a long time! You could also hang these from the ceiling to decorate your room.

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