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Saturday, December 30, 2017


3 Words... Target. Dollar. Spot. These are the kids' new magic "winter reading glasses!" $1! They had Santas and Reindeer, too, but I liked these because they work all winter.

They will be great for our Snow Sight Word Write. For some reason, special glasses really help them focus!


I used a big white bin for my "snow sight words." Here are some snow ideas you can use, shown in large bowls.

The children dig through the snow to find sight words and record them on their Snowy Sight Word Sheet. These are just some of the things I use for snow, you can use anything! The items work best when there are a LOT of whatever you use, in a big container. The more to "feel," the better!

(I had LOTS of these pearls left from my daughter's wedding. They came is a big container from Walmart.)       


(This is just showing the sight words hidden in the rice.)

Snow Storm! I used packing peanuts, cotton balls, plastic snowflakes I had, beans, and rice. This makes a really fun sensory table in a big tub or bin!.

Cotton Balls
Plastic Snowflakes

Packing Peanuts

Beans are some of my favorites. If you put them in the freezer before center time, and they stay really cold! Plus, I can write the words right on the beans.

I found this pack of snowflakes 75% off at Walmart! WOOHOO. I am going to write sight words on these snowflakes to use for my snowflake words.

Here is a copy of my Snowflake Word Recording Sheet. Click on the picture if you would like a copy of it. I used Susanna Westby's adorable snowflake background for the first page in color, and just black and white for the other page


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