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Friday, December 15, 2017


Here's more "magic" from Carolyn to engage children in writing letters, numbers, sight words, etc.

This activity is everyone's favorite this time of year! It's included in our December Happies Packet. Before I give each student their paper, I write secret (aka white crayon) words on each bulb on each paper. Then, out come the watercolors and the ooohs and aaahs! I do this activity in a small group. I also printed the bulbs on 11"X 17" paper so the words were bigger.


I made some papers with numbers to work with my group who needs some extra number recognition work.


We followed this activity up by closing the shades and reading this sweet book that lights up.


We have so many ideas like this in our monthly Happies packets. Feel free to check out the previews for our packets each month. Our packets are FULL of ideas to bring happiness to your classroom. You can find these at Dr. Jean’s website or at my TpT Store!
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