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Wednesday, August 14, 2019


All you need is some good music and a little enthusiasm and your students will master those sight words, math facts, and skills as they move and have fun.  Model these movements and then invite the children to join you.
Note! Children can do these standing up or sitting in their chairs.

Disco Dance – Put right index finger in the air and point to the left. Bring right index finger down by your side. Spell words or count as you move.

Swim - Pretend to swim by stroking arms as you count by ones, fives, etc. Can you backstroke? Sidestroke?

*Swim as you say letters and hold your nose and wiggle down as you say the word.

Funky Monkey - Fists out in front and move them up and down as you read sight words or count.

Hitchhike - Right thumb up and move across your body and then left thumb and move across the body as you count, read words, etc.

Chicken - Hands in armpits and flap like wings as you count or spell words.

Pony – Pretend to hold reins as you rock back and forth and say letters in a word. Lasso (arm in the air) as you say the word.

Batman – Make “v” with index and middle fingers and swoop them across your eyes as you count or read words.

Salsa - Left arm bent with index finger up in the air as you say an addend. Right arm bent with finger in air as you say another addend. Hands on hips and wiggle as you say the sum.
*Adapt for subtraction or other math facts.

Bollywood – Right palm up in the air like you’re screwing in a light bulb and then left palm down like you’re turning on a water spicket. Children can read sight words or repeat other information as they make the moves.


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Fargo, ND
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