Monday, August 5, 2019


There's something about moving your fingers and repeating information that will help your students with planning and organization.

Fist List
Have students tuck in their thumb and then put down a finger as they repeat each task they need to complete. Adapt to their assignment for the day. For example: 

     Put down 1 finger. “Journal writing.”
     Put down 2nd finger. “Phonics game.”
     Put down 3rd finger. “Independent reading.”
     Put down 4th finger. “Ipad skills.”


*This will also nurture the executive function by helping kids plan and organize.

Recall Fist List
Recall at the end of the day by asking students to make a “fist list” of what they learned that day.  They can put down a finger for everything they learned or feel good about.

New Skill Fist List

Here’s a formula for learning a new skill.

     1st – Hold up one finger and repeat it out loud.

     2nd - Hold up the second finger and visualize using the skill.

     3rd – Hold up the third finger and repeat it with a partner.