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Sunday, August 25, 2019


Children LOVE to create things with their hands.  Think of how children can SHOW WHAT THEY KNOW instead of using a computer assessment or paper and pencil test. 

(stick, paper bag, paper plate, sock, coat hanger, envelope)
Provide children with the materials to make puppets of their favorite character from a story. They could also make a puppet of animals studied, famous historical figures, and so forth. The puppet will give them a fun way to share information with classmates.

(mold with clay or play dough)
Children can make something that they learned from reading a book, watching a video, etc.

Create a Board Game
Challenge children to make a game to review information from a unit of study. They could do this independently or with a partner.

Poster, Collage, or Mural
Divide children into small groups and let them create a visual about what they’ve learned.

Class Chef
Foodies are growing in number with school age children. They’ll have fun preparing and serving foods from different regions, cultures, food groups, etc.


Here are some other opportunities for children to express themselves creatively

Skit or play
Role play
Pantomime and charades
Rap or song
Mask or costume