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Friday, August 16, 2019


Good listeners are ACTIVE listeners.  These are some simple strategies that can engage your students as they listen to instructions, books, or videos.

Teach sign language for "connection" (thumbs make circles with index fingers and join like a chain). Discuss that when they connect what is in the book with what is in their brain they make a "schema." If they've made a "schema" they can show you with their hands. Call on random students to explain how they connected personally with the book.


Me Too! 

Teach children sign language for “me too!” (Extend thumb and pinky finger and place the middle three fingers on your palm as you point your thumb toward your chest.) Tell children when you are reading a book they can use the sign to let you know they’ve had a similar experience.

Don’t Understand 
Children can use this sign when something is not clear to them. Put your index finger next to your brain and wiggle it like you are turning on a light as you shake your head “no.”
Pretend to scratch your brain.

Big Ears
Download a picture of a big ear and glue it to a craft stick.  Remind the children when you hold up the ear, they need to use their "big ears" to listen.

Listening Chant (Tune: “If You’re Happy and You Know it”)
If you’re listening to me do like this- (make a face for children to imitate).
If you’re listening to me do like this-(make another silly motion for children to copy).
If you’re listening to me then be quiet as can be.
If you’re listening to me ____(line up, get ready for a story, get out your books, or whatever you want them to do).