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Wednesday, August 28, 2019


When Kalina visited this summer she made illustrations for a song called "I Had a Bird."  It's an old song that is still "catchy" today. My webmaster turned her animals into a YouTube video that I hope your children will enjoy. 

I Had a Bird
(Make signs for the animals as you sing.)

I had a bird, and the bird pleased me.
I fed my bird by yonder tree.
Bird went, “Tweedle dee dee.” (Open and close index finger and thumb by mouth.)

Cat - "meow, meow" (Pretend to stroke whiskers.)
Dog – “woof-woof” (Pretend to call your dog by patting your leg.)
Pig – “oink, oink” (Put palm of hand under chin and wave fingers.)
Duck – “quack, quack” (Open and close index and middle fingers and thumb by mouth.)
Cow – “moo-moo” (Extend thumb and little finger to look like horns and place on head.)

And here are some picture cards for the song.

Printables - Free Download

Alex also created a video and picture cards for "Mother Goony Bird." This is just a silly song that the children love to sing and act out. 

Hint!  It's even more fun when they see their teacher making the motions!  

Mother Goony Bird

Mother Goony Bird had 7 chicks. (Hold up 7 fingers.)
And 7 chicks had Mother Goony Bird.
And they couldn’t swim – NO! (Extend left hand and shake head.)
And they couldn’t fly – NO! (Extend right hand and shake head.)
All they did was go like this – right arm. (Flap right arm.)

Add left arm…right foot…left foot… (Add other movements.)
Nod your head…turn around, sit down!

Activities: Choose children to be the chicks and Mother Goony bird and act out the song.

Gooney Bird Cards Small - Free

Gooney Bird Cards Large - Free