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Monday, March 8, 2021


Children will enjoy writing books individually, but they will also enjoy making collaborative books with their classmates. What a perfect way to motivate students to write and read as they learn about the parts of a book.

Hi Ho Libario (Tune: “The Farmer in the Dell”)
The author writes the book.
The author writes the book.
Hi ho librario
The author writes the book.

The illustrator draws the pictures…

The publisher makes the book…

The parts of a book...
Hi ho librario, we know the parts of a book.

Consider these components when making collaborative books with your class:

Dedication – Encourage children to “dedicate” books. Copyright Date – The date you make your book.

Publisher – Your school, city, and state.

Authors and Illustrators – Have children sign a group page as authors and illustrators of the book.

ISBN – Include an ISBN number and bar code on the back.

The End – Everybody can read this page!

Comments and Compliments – Let children have turns taking the book home for one night. Their parents can then write their “comments or compliments” about the book on that page. (You could also pass the book around to different classes in your school and they could write remarks on this page.)

*Older students could do a “Table of Contents,” “Index,” or “Glossary.”
*Place class books in your school library, public library, a hospital, etc.
*Have a “drawing” at the end of the year so each child gets to keep one of the books.

Concept Books
Reinforce concepts you are working on, such as letters, shapes, science themes, friendship, etc. to make class books.


                   (How to Be a Friend Like Rainbow Fish - Hershey's kisses wrapper)

Song Books
I also love to take songs and use them to make books with children. You can ask the children to close their eyes as they listen to the song and then make pictures in their brain. Invite them to draw their picture and then cut out words to the song and match them up with the pictures. Don't worry! It always turns out beautifully!
You can also type words to songs ahead of time and let each child choose the sentence they would like to illustrate.