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Friday, March 5, 2021


Here are some quick tools that children can keep with their school supplies for a quick review if you have a few extra minutes in the day. All the children will be actively engaged and the teacher can easily look around the room (or screen) and assess responses.

Each child will need two index cards. Write “yes” on one in green and “no” on the other one in red. As you ask questions, children respond by holding up the card with their response. For example: “Our state is Arizona.” “Fish has the short /a/ sound.” “Blue and glue rhyme.” “Yesterday was Thursday.”

*Note! You can make the questions simple or complex depending on the ability of your students.

Sign Language
Teach children sign language for “yes” (make a fist and nod it up and down) and “no” (extend middle and index finger from thumb and open and close. As you ask questions, children respond with the appropriate sign.

Pinch Cards
Cut construction paper or heavy paper into 8 ½ “ x 5 ½” rectangles. Down the left side write the numerals 0-10. Write the very same numerals on the reverse side. As the teacher calls out math problems the children pinch the correct answer and hold up their cards. The teacher can quickly glance around the room to check responses.

*Make pinch cards for sight words, letters, numeral recognition 10-20, phonics, etc.