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Saturday, March 13, 2021



My Hands on My Head

My hands on my head, (Point to head.)
Que esta aqui?
This is my cabeza my mamacita.
Cabeza, cabeza, la, la, la, la.
That’s what I learned in my school. Si, si! (Snap fingers.)

Eyes –ojos (Point to eyes.)

Ears – orejas (Point to ears.)

Nose – nariz (Point to nose.)

Mouth – boca (Point to mouth.) Stomach – estomago (Point to stomach.) Feet – pies (Point to feet.)


Trace around children’s bodies on large sheets of butcher paper.

Label parts in English and Spanish.

Adapt this song to French, German, or other languages.

My Amazing Webmaster ALEX MAY has created this new video for the song.  Although I recorded this song quite a while ago, I hope that your students will enjoy meeting Roberto Robot as they sing along with the animated video.  Plus, you'll find a link in the description on YouTube that allows you to download a free printable and some activities. 

Alex and I are excited about creating more videos with Roberto and nursery rhymes!