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Tuesday, March 16, 2021


This is a meaningful way to encourage children to observe nature. It’s also a powerful way for them to make print connections and write descriptive sentences.

Note!  This might be a craft that parents would enjoy doing with their child at home.

cardboard paper towel rolls, string, hole punch, wide packaging tape, markers, crayons

1. Cut the cardboard rollers into 4” sections and tape together to make binoculars. Punch a hole in each side and tie on a piece of string that can easily go over children's heads.

2. Let the children decorate their binoculars with markers.

3. Go on a nature walk and encourage children to observe through their binoculars. What do you see when you look up? What do you see when you look down? 

4.  Can you see an animal?  Can you see a plant?  Can you see something larger than you?  Can you see something smaller than you?  

More!  Have children look for signs of spring.  

*Give them a sheet of paper with two circles and ask them to draw what they saw with their binoculars.

 *If you are teaching in person you could make a class book with their drawings.