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Thursday, March 11, 2021


Teach children this “hands” on song about tally marks to the tune of “Little Red Wagon.”

Put down a tally mark in a row. (Open palm and put down index . finger.)
Put down a tally mark in a row. (Put down middle finger.)
Tally, tally in a row, (Put down ring and pinky fingers.)
Fifth one goes across. (Put thumb across.)

*Use pretzel sticks to sing and tally.

Data Collectors
Children can practice using tally marks when they collect data with these clipboards.
You can buy clipboards, but there will be “ownership” when children make their own from recycled cardboard.

Materials: recycled corrugated cardboard, butterfly clips, markers, paper


Directions: 1. Cut recycled cardboard into 9” x 12” rectangles.
2. Attach a butterfly clip to the top and then let the children decorate with markers.
3. Insert paper in the butterfly clip and use it to do surveys of favorite authors, foods, sports teams, colors, etc.

You can also use clipboards for these activities:

Take notes as the teacher reads a book
Do interviews of classmates, parents, etc.k
Write the room (write words they can read)
Count the room (list of classroom objects to count)
Draw observations (weather, science experiments, etc.)
Shape hunt (draw shapes they find in the classroom)
Record information from nature walks or field trips