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Saturday, March 27, 2021


It's funny, but 50+ years ago when I started teaching we had a few records...and then cassette tapes...and then CDs...and now....

Today's streaming services simplify a teacher's task to bring music right into the classroom. A computer, a tablet or even your smart phone will help you fill your class with the sounds of music.

Just click on the links below for more information. You will find links to Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and other streaming services. We have created this custom link to help you access my songs from my CD, Dr. Jean and Friends. Some of the songs you will find are "Tooty Ta," "Mother Goony Bird," "Tarzan," and "Five Little Monkeys.”


Here are two links. One goes to the streaming connection and the other goes to a downloadable file containing the lyrics to all of the songs on my CD Dr. Jean and Friends.

Streaming info:


P.S.  Thanks to my techie genius webmaster Alex May for helping me help you!!!!

I can't wait to sing, dance, and hold hands with kids again!!!