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Sunday, March 28, 2021


Some days do you have trouble coming up with new ideas for your lesson plans? Well, the same thing happens to me when I write blogs. Fortunately, I saw this idea for "Occupation in a Bag" from an old post. It prompted me to share other simple activities that you can do with lunch bags.

Occupation in a Bag (Megan Pope) 

When studying community helpers, send home a paper bag with each student. Ask them to put in items that explain what their parents do. This is great for parents who are too busy to come in and speak about their job.


Where Is Square?
Use the tune from “Where Is Thumbkin?” to reinforce colors, shapes, numerals, letters, etc. For example, children could each have a set of cards with the shapes (colors, words, letters, etc.) drawn on them. Store these in a lunch bag. Ask them to hold up the appropriate shape as you sing: 
Where is square? (Name a shape.)
Where is square?
Here I am.  (Children hold up the square.)
Here I am.
Four equal sides. (Attributes of the shape.)
Four equal sides.
Back in the bag.  (Children put the square back in the sack.)
Back in the bag.

Touch and Tell
Hide objects in the bag. Children close eyes, touch, and guess what it is.


To make a building turn a lunch bag upside down and decorate with construction paper and markers. Take a second bag and stuff with newspaper. Insert the decorated bag over this to make a stand up building. 

*Create a village with masking tape for a road, toy cars, action figures, etc.


Insert your hand in the bag and decorate with markers, construction paper, and other art media to make a favorite character from a book or unit of study.

Peek a Boo Books
Take 3 or 4 lunch bags and stack them up and staple as shown. Fold over the bottom flap. Write a riddle or question on the front. Open and draw a picture or write the answer under the flap.