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Sunday, August 22, 2021




Fred Rogers

Fred Rogers is my hero!  What a legacy of kindness, love, and gentleness he left us!  It is so true that children learn through play, but many parents and administrators "don't get it."  Here's a poem to send home or to share at your first parent meeting about how children learn through play.


What’s in your backpack?  
It’s empty today.  
Where’s your work?  
Did you just play?  

When I built with blocks  
I learned about shapes.  
I balanced and shared –  
Our skyscraper was great.  

I played in the windy house  
And talked with my friends.  
I rocked a baby  
And played pretend  

In science I observed,  
Guessed, and experimented, too.  
The same things grown up  
Scientists do.  

Art was messy.  
I created and explored.  
I solved my own problem  
When I spilled glue on the floor.  

My fingers got a work out 
With puzzles and clay. 
Those same muscles 
Will help me write one day. 

I counted and sorted and 
And measured, too. 
I used my brain 
Like a math whiz would do! 

Out on the playground 
I ran like the wind. 
I learned to take turns 
And helped a hurt friend. 

Story time is what 
I always like best. 
I can use my imagination 
And give my body a rest. 

I sang and danced, 
Learned a finger play, too. 
I answered questions 
And said “please” and “thank you.” 

There will be time 
For worksheets and tests, 
But talking and playing 
Is how I learn best. 

I love to go to school! 
I’m glad I’m me. 
An empty backpack 
Means I’m learning, you see!

Backpack Book
Here's a little book you can make to send home the poem.

Punch holes in the top of a lunch bag (which is actually the bottom of the bag). You will need to do this for the children. Put a pipe cleaner through the holes and twist to make a handle. 
Lift up the flap and tuck the bottom of the bag under it. Glue the poem to the inside of the book.

*Come back tomorrow for some fantastic center signs that Carolyn Kisloski made for you.  Hang them in appropriate areas in your classroom and "invite" visitors to walk around, read the signs, and observe how the children really are learning as they play.