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Wednesday, August 11, 2021


GET SET for a great year with positive self-talk.  You can watch me 
demonstrate these on a new video I made just for you!!!  

Morning Mantra
Teacher: What is my job today?
Children: Your job is to teach us and to love us.
Teacher: What is your job today?
Children: Our job is to learn and to love each other.

What Are You?
(Adapted from “The Help.”)
Teacher asks: What are you?
Children respond: I am kind. (Touch the heart.)
I am smart. (Touch the head.)
I am important. (Give self a hug.)

You’re the Best
(Students echo each line and follow the directions.)
1. Thumbs up. (Stick up thumbs.)
2. Across the chest. (Cross arms over chest.)
3. Pat on the back. (Pat back.)
4. Cause you’re the BEST! (Hug self.)

How Does My Teacher Feel about Me?
Teacher says: How does my teacher feel about me?”
Children respond: I’m as special as special can be (Sparkle fingers.)
because my teacher believes in me! (Hug self.)

I Am Statements
“I am” statements are another way to encourage positive behavior. (These can be based on your school’s goals or let the children suggest statements.) Write these on a language experience chart and then begin the day by sticking up your thumbs and repeating them.

I am respectful.
I am trustworthy.
I am responsible.
I am fair.
I am caring.
I use good manners.
I use kind words.
I can do it!

Sharing Good News (Jessica Williams)
Write children’s names on craft sticks and place in a jar that says “Good News.” The teacher starts every morning by sharing her/his own “good news.” The children clap or cheer. Next, the teacher pulls a stick and the class sings, "Tell me something good!" That child shares their good news and then the class does a cheer. The teacher pulls the second stick and they sing, "Tell me something good" and then cheer. Do three children each day and then put those who have had a turn in an envelope and start all over again when everyone has had a turn.