Wednesday, January 11, 2012


100 Days
(Tune:  “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”)

We’ve been in school 100 days.      (Children stand and march.)
Hoorah!  Hoorah!                           (Fist in air as if cheering.)
We’ve worked and played 100 days. 
Hoorah!  Hoorah!
Zero is our Hero today.
Now let’s all count to celebrate!
We’ve been in school 100 days,
And it’s been great!
1, 2, 3,…..100!                             (Hold up fingers as you count.)

100 Snack – Children count out ten each of snack foods (such as Cheerios, pretzels, Gold Fish, raisins, m&m’s, miniature marshmallows, cheese crackers, wheat squares, Rice Chex, peanuts, etc.) and put them in a zip bag.  Shake and eat.  *Adapt to the dietary needs of your class

Cover Up – Make 2 copies of a 100 grid.  Cut up one set and put the numbers in a zip bag.  Children can play this game by themselves or with a partner.  Give them a 3 minute timer and challenge them to cover up as many spaces as they can in the time limit.  Have them record the amount and try to beat their score each time they play.
Hint!  Adapt this game for younger children by giving them a grid with 10 or 25 spaces.
*You can download the grid at - January, 2007, monthly activities.

When I’m 100 – You’ll have to have a sense of humor to do this art project.  Give each child a brown paper towel and tell them to wad it up so it’s all wrinkled.  Now, ask them to draw what they think they’ll look like when they are 100.

100 Bottles – Have each child take an empty plastic water bottle and fill it with 100 items.