Monday, January 9, 2012


You will be able to get a lot of “mileage” out of these little bears.  Cut 26 bears out of construction paper.  Write upper and lowercase letters on all the bears.  Mix up the bears and then sing this song to the tune of “Twinkle Little Star” as the letters are revealed:
         Dd bear, Dd bear, what do you see?
         I see Kk bear looking at me.
         Kk bear, Kk  bear, what do you see…

*Focus children’s attention while they settle down for a story or lesson with the letter bears.  You could also use the bears as a transition activity.  Dismiss children to line up, wash their hands, etc. when the letter that their name starts with appears.

*For younger children, make the bears out of different colors.

*Use the bears to reinforce other skills, such as the numerals 10-20 or sight words.

*When I was at the GA Kindergarten Conference, Jan Atherton of Gwinnett County added a super adaptation to my “letter bears.”  She suggested using season cutouts and making a different set each month to reinforce skills you are working on.

SONG CARDS - Tim Rasinski would be so proud of this teacher!  As a consultant, you wonder if what you are doing really makes a difference.  Well, his seminar certainly made a difference in this teacher's life.  Kerri obviously was excited and motivated to implement what she learned in her classroom.  And, if the teacher is happy and excited, then the children will pick up on her enthusiasm and want to learn.  Check out this blog and I'll bet you'll get some ideas to put some sparkle in your classroom: