Monday, January 2, 2012



Ring in the New Year
(Tune:  “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”)

Let’s all do a little ringing,  (Shake hands as if ringing bells.)
Let’s all do a little ringing,
Let’s all do a little ringing
It’s a Happy New Year!

Let’s all do a little clapping…  (Clap hands.)
Let’s all do a little dancing…   (Dance around.)
Let’s all do a little smiling…    (Smile.)

When is your birthday?
When is your birthday?
When is your birthday?
Stand up and cheer.

(Say months of the year.)
January, February, March…(Children stand up on their birthday month.)

Let’s all be a little kinder…  (Pat friends on the back.)
For a Happy New Year!

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Make a brochure by folding a piece of paper into thirds.   Label the sections “Yesterday”…”Today…”Tomorrow”  Children draw what they were like when they were little (babies or toddlers), what they look like now, and what they will be like when they are grown-up.

New Year’s Resolutions
Discuss what a New Year’s Resolution is.  Let children draw pictures and dictate or write sentences about a resolution they want to have for the New Year.  Put these together to make a class book.

Birthday Party Center
Purchase a birthday party package at a dollar store.  Put the party hats, favors, plates, etc. in plastic tub.  Add paper and pencils so children can write invitations to their pretend party.  Don’t forget some play dough and candles so they can make birthday cakes!