Wednesday, January 4, 2012


 Snow Flakes
Let children fold coffee filters in half, then fourths and eighths.  Cut little “bites” out of the folded edges.  Open.  You can make colorful snowflakes by coloring the coffee filters with water soluble markers before cutting them.

Hint!  Make snowflakes out of newspaper, tissue paper, wrapping paper, and other types of recycled paper.

Ice Skating
Give each child 2 paper plates.  Demonstrate how to place these on the floor and put one foot on each plate.  Slide your feet as if skating.  Put on some waltz music and let the children skate, twist, and turn.  Play “freeze.”  When you stop the music children must “freeze” in their positions.  When the music begins again they may continue to skate.

Snowman Addition
Draw snowmen on poster board similar to the one shown.  Laminate.  Children make sets (or write addends) in the top two balls and then put the sum in the bottom ball.

Snow Seeds – (Pamela Pounds, AL)

To make snow seeds put rice and white glitter in a ziplock bag with this note: 
          Sprinkle freely in your yard.
          Close your eyes, and wish real hard. 
          If you can get the north wind to blow,
          In the morning you’ll have snow.
          If for some reason all you get is rain,
          Pick the seeds up and try again.