Thursday, January 5, 2012


Frozen Thoughts
Fill a clear plastic container half full with water.  Mark the line.  Place outside overnight to freeze.  Compare the water line after it’s frozen.  Why did the water expand when it froze?  (That’s a good homework questions for children to ask their parents!)

*Wet a paper towel, a piece of string, and other objects and place outside to freeze.  Encourage the children to describe the differences.

Icy Experiment
Give each child a clear cup with an ice cube in it.  Ask them to draw a picture of what it looks like.  Have them predict how many minutes it will take their ice cube to melt.  Encourage them to draw what it looks like after five minute intervals.

Snow Painting
Fill a squirt bottle with water.  Add food coloring.  Let children spray on snow to create designs.

Fill plastic containers with water.  Add food coloring and freeze.  Place these in your water table and tell the children they are icebergs.  Add walruses, polar bears, and other plastic arctic animals.