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Sunday, January 1, 2012


A favorite book that I read several years ago was called THE MIRACLES OF SANTA FICO.  It was the story of a beloved priest in a small village in Italy.  His dying wish was to witness a miracle, and so all the villagers faked a miracle by gluing leaves to a withered fig tree.  Of course, the priest wasn’t fooled, but his parting words really touched me…

         His life stretched out before him and for the first time he
         realized that it had all been a miracle –everything—
         every day—every accident—every coincidence—every
         disappointment—every joy—all of it…It was all a miracle.

As teachers and parents we witness miracles every day.  Children are born knowing nothing, and yet they miraculously learn to speak, walk, laugh, and sing.  They come to school knowing very little, and they learn to read, share, write, cooperate, play games, and love learning.

Little miracles happen every year and every day in your classroom.  You’ve just got to keep your eyes open for all the little miracles the New Year!