Saturday, March 3, 2012


Oh, blog, how do I love thee!  You give me the opportunity to share everything stored in my brain!

Here’s an idea that popped in my head while I was working out today.
Several years ago I heard an interview on NPR with the Teacher of the Year.  She said when she had a student who was misbehaving she tried these strategies.  First, she would stand close to the child and look at them.  That usually got their attention.  Then she would remind them, “You know what to do!”

Sure beats getting upset and carrying on a lengthy conversation.  Puts the behavior right back on the child while confirming the teacher’s belief in them.

Last week when I did a workshop for Next Generation Centers in Boston 
Brenda Cooper shared this song she made up to the tune of "99 Bottles 
of Beer on the Wall."  Instead of pushing or fussing children can sing when 
they feel crowded.
I need space.
I really need some space.
I’m feeling cramped
You’re way too close.
Please give me some more space.

Erin McDonough from NGCC gave another great idea.  She substitutes
what's on the lunch menu in the song "Today Is Sunday."  For example:
Today is Tuesday.  Tuesday tacos.  All you lucky children, well that's O.K.

Here's another adorable idea from a teacher in Boston.  Pretend to hold 
a horn as you blow, "Doo doo doo doo do dooooo!"  Use this as a cheer or to
focus children's attention.