Sunday, March 4, 2012


Janet Grigsby from Kentucky sent me this idea last week.  I LOVE it and you will, too!  It could be adapted for phonics, words, questioning strategies, math, and so much more!

For CVC words, three students are chosen to stand in the front of the class.  Each student wears a headband with a notch cut out to hold a letter.  The teacher puts one letter in each child’s headband, but they do not know what letter the teacher gave them.  The students sitting in the class look at the three letters and try to decode the word.  The teacher calls on a student to decode the word.  After the word is correctly decoded, the students who are wearing the headbands must tell what letter they think is on their headband.

To play the game with blends, digraphs or silent e, have four students wear headbands.

To make the headbands I stapled together tagboard that was about four inches wide.  I cut three sides of a square (each cut was about an inch) in the middle of the headband.  The bottom of the square, I did not cut.   An index card with a letter on it fits into the slot.

There is a game on the market called Headbandz that I designed this game after.  In the Headbandz game, children have a picture in their Headband.  Students give clues and students must guess what picture they have in their headband.

Hope you like this.  Our teachers have been playing this game and say the kids love, love, love it!

I used a sentence strip to make this headband.  If you put a brad on either end you can insert a rubber band so it adjusts to different size heads.  used a paper clip instead of cutting the slots.