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Saturday, March 17, 2012


Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I hope you're wearing green so you don't get pinched today!  Make sure you have green stickers, shamrocks, or something green for your students to wear today.  

When K.J. was in preschool the children took off their shoes at naptime and put them in the hall.  When they woke up there was a Rice Krispie treat in their shoes for snack.  It's amazing how a memory like that can stick in a child's mind because three years later K.J. is still talking about it.

While the children are at lunch today ask a friend to sneak in your classroom and overturn chairs, mess up bookshelves, sprinkle a little gold glitter on the floor, etc.  When you return to the classroom act as surprised as the children.  What happened?  Who is responsible?  Let them write stories or draw pictures to explain the mystery.

Here's a book from an earlier blog this month in case you're new blog friend and missed it.
St Patrick’s Day! 
(Tune:  “Sweet Molly Malone” – Happy Everything CD)

On the 17th of March                  (Point heels on opposite feet as if
About when spring starts                  doing a jig.)
The lassies and leprechauns
Come out to play.

We’ll find four-leafed clovers         (Hold up 4 fingers.)
And wear green all over,                  (Move hands over clothing.)
And that’s how we’ll celebrate         (Put hand in the air as if cheering.)
St. Patrick’s Day!

The legends of old
Say there’re pots of gold                  (Extend arms in a circle.)
A’ sparkling and shining                  (Open and close fingers to make sparkles.)
At each rainbow’s end.

The leprechauns know                  (Point to brain.)
Right where to go,
So if you see a leprechaun         (Hand over eyes as if searching for
Make him your friend!                  a leprechaun.)

On the 17th of March                          
About when spring starts
The lassies and leprechauns
Come out to play.

We’ll find four-leafed clovers
And wear green all over,
And that’s how we’ll celebrate
St. Patrick’s Day!
 *Download this book at, 2007.