Sunday, March 11, 2012


Several weeks ago when I did a concert there was a little girl with a baby doll.  I asked, “What’s your baby’s name?”  The mother said, “Her baby doesn’t have a name.  My kids never name their babies.”

I said, “Well, you can’t take your baby home from the hospital without a name.  I always named my dolls when I was little.” 

The mother said, “I guess you only had one doll.  My girls have so many they can’t name them all.”

That strikes me as sad somehow.  Less is more.  I had one baby doll (Tiny Tears) and I adored her!

My own children always named their stuffed animals and dolls when they were little.  That’s such an easy thing to encourage your children to do if they bring a toy to school or talk about a doll.  It somehow brings a toy to life and makes the connection more personal.

Another simple thing you can do is ask your students to name their artwork.  All famous artists give a title to their paintings and sculptures, and your children will enjoy doing it as well.  I could even connect art to the Common Core State Standards if I did that!

I’m always looking for creative bridges to the Standards.  You just have to think outside the box a little for possibilities.  What do your students enjoy?  Games, art, music, drama?  How can you tap into what they enjoy and integrate some skills and standards?  A spoonful of sugar always makes the medicine go down!

How I got from naming baby dolls to putting sugar on skills I’ll never know!  But there are a few gems in today’s blog if you look for them!