Monday, March 19, 2012


This is a simple idea that can be used in many ways to reinforce one to one correspondence, sets, and addition. 
Materials:    heavy paper, black construction paper cut in ¾” squares, glue,
book rings, manipulatives (bears, beans, buttons, pennies, etc.)
Directions:   Glue a specific number of squares on each page as shown. 
Write the numeral at the top and the word at the bottom.
Children take manipulatives and match them up one-to-one
with the squares on each page.

Hint!           Adapt this book for older students by having them discover
                  how many different ways they can make the set.  For example:
                  Six could be 3+3, 2 +4, 5 + 1, etc.

Vary this activity by using seasonal objects, such as pumpkinseeds,  holiday erasers, and other small toys.