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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I think many of you have gone on a COOL BEAR HUNT with me, but someone at a recent workshop asked if I would post some of the skills children learn as they sing this song and have fun.
1.  They are developing oral language skills.
2.  They are developing auditory memory skills.
3.  They are learning positional words.
4.  They are learning a sequence and pattern.
5.  They are oxygenating the brain and crossing the midline.
6.  They are developing social skills.
7.  They are using their imaginations.
!!!! I think I see some Common Cores State Standards!!!
As a follow up let children make a story map of the song.  Where did you start?  Then where did you go….?  Give children a teddy graham to retell the story.
Cool Bear Hunt
(Silly Songs CD)
Chorus:       We’re going on a bear hunt.  (Slap thighs.)
                  We’re going to catch a big one,  (Spread hands far apart.)
                  With big green eyes,  (Make circles by your eyes.)
                  And a fuzzy little tail.  (Put hands on back and wiggle.)

Look over there.  (Point index fingers.)
It’s a candy factory.
Can’t go over it.  (Raise your arms up.)
Can’t go under it.  (Put your hands down by the floor.)
Can’t go around it.  (Make arms in a circle.)
Guess we’ll go through it.  (Pretend to stuff candy in your mouth.)
Yum, yum, yum, yummmm.  (Pat your tummy.)

Look over there.
It’s a peanut butter river…   (Pretend to swim with arms.)

Look over there.  (Wiggle all over.)
It’s a Jell-o swamp…

Look over there. 
It’s a cave…
It’s cold in here.  (Shiver.)
I see two big green eyes,
And a fuzzy little tail.
It’s a bear!
Go through the Jell-o swamp.   (Wiggle.)
Swim across the peanut butter river.  (Swim arms.)
Go through the candy factory.   (Pretend to eat candy.)
Run home.  (Run in place.)
Open the door.  Shut the door.  (Pretend to open and shut a door.)
We went on a bear hunt,
And we weren’t afraid!  (Put thumbs in chest as if boasting.)