Friday, March 2, 2012


St Patrick’s Day!  March 17th
(Tune:  “Sweet Molly Malone” – Happy Everything CD)

On the 17th of March                  (Point heels on opposite feet as if
About when spring starts                  doing a jig.)
The lassies and leprechauns
Come out to play.

We’ll find four-leafed clovers         (Hold up 4 fingers.)
And wear green all over,                  (Move hands over clothing.)
And that’s how we’ll celebrate         (Put hand in the air as if cheering.)
St. Patrick’s Day!

The legends of old
Say there’re pots of gold                  (Extend arms in a circle.)
A’ sparkling and shining                  (Open and close fingers to make sparkles.)
At each rainbow’s end.

The leprechauns know                  (Point to brain.)
Right where to go,
So if you see a leprechaun         (Hand over eyes as if searching for
Make him your friend!                  a leprechaun.)

On the 17th of March                          
About when spring starts
The lassies and leprechauns
Come out to play.

We’ll find four-leafed clovers
And wear green all over,
And that’s how we’ll celebrate
St. Patrick’s Day!
 *Download this book at, 2007.

Hunting for Gold - Spray paint pebbles or rocks gold.  (Spread out on newspaper.  Spray with gold paint.  Dry.  Shake.  Spray the other side with gold paint.  Dry.  Shake.  Spray a third time.)  Hide the pebbles on the playground before children arrive at school.  Tell the children a leprechaun hid some gold for them.  What fun they will have hunting for the gold nuggets!
Hint!  An empty film canister would make a good container for storing their gold.

What If?  Have children write stories (or draw pictures and dictate) what they would do if they found a pot of gold.

Leprechaun Mischief – While the children are at lunch or on the playground, turn over a few chairs, put books on the floor, and mess up the classroom.  Sprinkle a little green glitter around.  Have the children write stories about what they think happened.

Catch a Leprechaun - Challenge children to design “traps” to catch a leprechaun in the block center.  Give children an empty sack out on the playground and see who can catch a leprechaun.

Green Snack – Eat foods that are green like celery, broccoli, lime jello, snap peas, etc. Or use green food coloring to dye cream cheese, milk, yogurt or other snacks.

Leprechaun Lunch – Purchase miniature peanut butter crackers (Ritz), cookies (Chips Ahoy), and other mini-foods.  Serve these on dessert plates with napkins cut in fourths.  Milk or juice in medicine cups makes this a perfect snack for “wee folks.”

Field Trip - Take a field trip (on the internet) to Ireland.  Find Ireland on the globe.  How could you get there?  Could you go in a car?  Why or why not?