Monday, March 18, 2013


Do you need a few new ideas to practice your word wall words?  Write the words (or letters, or numerals, or math facts, or shapes…) on paper plates and try one of these activities.

Stepping Stones - Spread the words on the floor.  Children step from one plate to the next like stepping stones.  First, ask them to read the words.  Next, arrange the plates in sequence to make a sentence that they can read.
*This would be a great game for children to play with a partner.

Word Worm – Make a head for your worm similar to the one shown using a paper plate.  Pass out a word to each child.   The first child begins the “word worm” by placing their plate on the floor and reading the word.  The second child places their plate on the floor and reads both words.  The game continues as each child adds their word to the worm and reads all of the preceding words.  (You can let children read the words as a group or individually.)

Pick Up – Divide the class into two teams facing each other.  Place the word plates on the floor between the two teams.  One child at a time comes forward for each team.  The teacher calls out a word.  The first child to pick up the word wins a point for their team.  The game continues until all of the children have had a turn.

Place the words close together on the floor.  One child comes up as the teacher (or another child) calls out a body part and a word.  For example, “Put your left hand on the word ‘has.’  Put your right foot on the word ‘do.’”  The game continues until the child can no longer twist to the word.