Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I have many “BFF’s” and Pamela Pounds from Alabama is one of them for sure!  If you’ve every seen the applesauce label glued to the stick, that idea came from Pam.  (When the teacher holds up the applesauce label the children sit criss-cross applesauce.)  Pam recently sent me this story and these ideas:

The other day I had a parent stop me and talk to me in the hallway.  She has three children.  I taught the first two, but did not pull her child’s name for this year.  She was a little upset, she told me that she did not think her child was learning as much as her other children did in kindergarten.  She said it was because I let my students sing.  She said that her other children remember the songs I taught them and still sing them.  I just smiled and told her that he would be OK because he still had time to learn.  In my heart I was smiling. 

I have told you about my heart and lip stamp.  If I put a heart stamp on their papers, that means they made my heart sing.  If I put the lip stamp on their papers, that means for them to kiss their brains.  The new thing that I have started is called a WOW  E.  I just write the word WOW on their paper with a zig –zag line underneath the word WOW.  They love getting a WOW!  
For Saint Patrick's Day we change our name.  We either put a Mac or an O in front of our names.  I become Mrs. O'Pounds on Saint Patrick's Day.  The children ; O'Jordan, O'Maddie, O'Jacab, O'Savannah.  They have to write their name like that all day.  If the students call me Mrs. Pounds, I do not answer, they must call me Mrs. O'Pounds.  The same for them, if I call Jordan, Jordan he does not have to answer.  I must call him O'Jordan.  Students love to change their name for a day.

In one of your blogs you had line up poems like “Bubblegum, bubblegum in a dish.  How many pieces do you wish?”  There is an Easter line up poem that goes something like this; “Easter eggs in a basket, what color are  your eggs?”  If they say blue, then spell blue as you point to each child and when you get to e, that person sits down.  Fun way to reinforce color words.

Here are some comments Sara Quinn left for “Shhhhh!”
Teacher says:  Hands on top.  (Students put their hands on their heads.)
Students say:  That means stop!

Teacher says: Holy Moly!
Students say: Guacamole!

Teacher says: All set?
Students say: You bet!