Monday, March 4, 2013


Saturday I was invited to speak at the Early Childhood Coalition Conference in Lake City, Florida.  Talk about WONDERFUL teachers!!!  The traveling and hotel rooms are NO fun, but I truly LOVE all of the teachers I meet!

Deborah Stewart of was a presenter and her website is as awesome as she is!   We bonded immediately because all we both want to do is make your job a little more fun and give children the best start we can!
A few new ideas for the week…

Kinder-Cake  (Keta Turner)
When you do patty cake activities, call it “kinder-cake.”  Don’t you love it?

Hands on Top  (Tangia Dickenson)
When you want the children to stop and listen say:
"Hands on top.         (Put your hands on your head.)
 Everybody stop."    (Children freeze and look at the teacher.)

Hallway Hug (Jodi Spakes)
When children see friends in the hall teach them to do the hallway hug. 
You  (Hold up index finger.)
Me  (Hold up middle finger.)
Hello (Cross middle and index finger and wiggle.)
Brownie Points  (Abby Davis)
Put a pan on the wall.  Cut out “brownies” and add magnetic tape to the back.  When the class gets a compliment from other teachers they get a “brownie point” and get to put a brownie on the pan.  When the pan is full the class gets a brownie party!

Library Song  (Stephany Ward)
Tune:  “Twinkle Little Star”
When you’re in the library (or “hall, you see”)
Quiet is the thing to be.
You must use your inside voice.
Making noise is not a choice.
When you’re in the library,
Quiet is the thing to be.

Sticker Starters  (Karen Day)

Use mailing labels to print directions, math problems, or sorts.  These make great “starters” for journals.