Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Last Friday when I was in Detroit we made word wallets similar to the one below:

1st  Place the paper lengthwise and fold up the bottom to an inch from the top. 
2nd Fold in half.
3rd  Open and glue both sides.  (Trim top corners if you desire.)
4th  Let the children decorate the outside.
5th  Cut 4 ½ ” x 2 ¼ ” green rectangles and write high frequency words on them.
When children learn a word they get to “save” it in their wallets.
You could also use the wallets to “save” letters, numerals, math facts, vocabulary words, colors, shapes, etc.
 Susan Healey (Holy Redeemer) suggested cutting paper circles and calling them quarters.  You could write the sight words on the quarters and put word family words, spelling words, etc. on the dollars.  She also suggested writing letters on the quarters and sounds on the dollars.