Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Wacky Wednesday Tooty Ta  (Mary Palmer)
During Dr. Seuss Week do “Wacky Tooty Ta” and reverse the motions.
Example:     thumbs down
                  elbows in        
                  feet together
                  knees apart, etc.

Dry Erase Crayons  (Cindy Cook)
Did you know that children could write with dry erase crayons directly on their desk top?  No dry erase board is needed and they can erase with an old sock or dryer sheet.
*WOW!  What a great way to get children to practice writing letters, numerals, spelling words, etc.

Attention Transition  (Jessica Palmer)
Teacher says:       Pizza, pizza!
Children respond:  Yum!  Yum!  (Eyes on you.)

Class Motivation  (Jessica Palmer)
The class earns a star on the board when they are complimented by other teachers/staff.  They can also earn a star when the teacher feels they have been “star” learners.  When they earn ten stars the class gets a reward, such as 15 minutes free time, an extra recess, etc.

Rock, Paper Scissors Math  (Carrie Hollis)
Each child has a die or playing cards.  As they roll the die or turn over a card they can add the numbers, tell who has more/less, etc.

Stick Picks  (Amanda Reiff)
For calling on students fairly, use the Stick Picks app for the iPhone/iPad.

Spelling Helpers  (Angela Wood)
Every morning the helper spells his/her name with magnetic letters.  After identifying the letters and counting them spell the name with body writing.
Tall letters – reach to the sky
Middle letters – hands on hips
Tail letters – touch toes

Who Let the Letters Out?  (Holly Johnson and Patty McAlexander)
Use “Who Let the Letters Out?” to transition children from the carpet to their tables or desks.  When they hear the letter of their first name, last name, etc. they can dance to their seat.  This gives the teacher a minute to get ready for the next activity.

Silly Putty  (Jan Vaughn)
Each child has their own silly putty that they keep in their tool box with pencils, crayons, etc.  (They get one at the beginning of the year and a fresh one in January.)  If there is a visitor or if they finish their work early they can play with their silly putty.
*Make objects that start with a particular letter.
*Make sets, shapes, numbers, etc.
*Reinforce science concepts by making mammals, something that flies, etc.