Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Student Syllable Sheet (Kristen Bray)
Put a picture of each student on a poster.  Under each photo put four boxes.  Clap out the syllables in their name and color in the applicable number of boxes.

Odd and Even  (Lisa Edwards)
Teach zero to nine using fingers.  Explain that even numbers have partners whereas odd numbers do not.  Hold up two fingers and touch fingers to make a partner for even numbers.  When you hold up three fingers, one won’t have a partner.  That makes it odd.  Children can choose any number and they’ll know that the number in the one’s column will make it odd or even.
*Make an odd man with a funny hat and mismatched clothes.

Partner Up (Jenny, VA Beach)
Collect paint chip color cards from home improvement stores.  Put two of each color in a basket and have the children each pick a card.  Children match colors and that’s their partner.  Use four of each color for small groups. 
*The kids love the Disney paint chips because they look like Mickey Mouse.

Vertical and Horizontal Song  (Amanda O’Brien)
Sing this song to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” as you make the motions:
Vertical goes up and down,         (Bend knees up and down.)
Up and down, up and down.
Vertical goes up and down.
Horizontal goes flat!                  (Spread out arms horizontally.)

Season Song  (Aurora Sta Ana)
Let children describe different aspects of each season and insert it in this song to the tune of “When the Saints Go Marching In.”
Oh, when the sun gets so, so hot.
Oh, when the sun gets so, so hot.
We know that it must be summer.
Oh, when the sun gets so, so hot.
Autumn:  When the leaves fall off the trees…
Winter:  When the snow falls to the ground…
Spring:  When the flowers start to bloom…

Rocket Cheer  (Aurora Sta Ana)
Clap up.  (Clap up.)
Clap down.  (Clap down.)
Clap left.   (Clap to your left.)
Clap right.  (Clap to your right.)
Up.  (Thumb up make a hissing sound.)
Down.  (Thumb down make a hissing sound.)
Left.  (Thumb left make a hissing sound.)
Right.  (Thumb right make a hissing sound.)
BOOM!!!  (Both hands in the air as you shout boom!)

Skip Counting  (Starlett Phillingane)
Have the students stand in a circle and tell them a magic number.  (If you’re counting by 5’s, then choose a multiple of 5.)  Go around the circle having each child skip count.  The student who the magic number lands on sits down.  Continue the game until there is one student left standing.

Step Book (Sebrina Ruth-Cooper)
Make step books when studying Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.  Write facts on each page and then have children illustrate the fact.  On the last page have pictures from google, such as the Washington Monument, quarter, one dollar bill, Mt. Rushmore, etc.

Cheerleader  (Carleigh Kingsbury)
After introducing the cheers, use them to reinforce good workers at reading stations.  Ask a student to compliment a friend for what they did at a station.  For example, “___ helped ____.”  “”____ used a quiet station voice.”  Then the one who compliments gets to choose a cheer for the whole class to give that student.  This reinforces the rules and makes the student feel proud. 
*Let students make up their own creative cheers.

Yes, Class!  (Stephanie Sentelle left this comment post "Shhhh!" post.)
The teacher says "class" and the students respond with "yes."  The trick is that the students have to say "yes" the same way the teacher said "class." Example: Teacher says: "Classity, class, class." Students respond: "Yesity, yes, yes."  This can be done in any pattern, tone, or range.  Great attention grabber that’s short and sweet.
Amy Gibson gave me the idea for the "Pump Up to 100 Song" on my new CD.  
Lucky me to get to autograph the CD for her in Richmond!