Monday, March 11, 2013


Last week I got to “preach to the choir” and do a workshop for the early childhood teachers in the Archdiocese of Detroit.  They were “angels” to share these ideas!
Smart Cookies (Marisa Bier)
Create a “smart cookie” board in your classroom to encourage children to learn their sight words.  Each child has their name on a cookie cutout.  When they have mastered a sight word it gets put on a cookie and added to their ring.  At the end of the year have a cookie party in honor of being “smart cookies”!

Great Minds Think Alike!  (Allison Davies)
At the beginning of the year talk to the students about how to share the same great ideas.  Instead of shouting out and saying, “Hey, that’s my idea, too!” teach them this sign for “great minds think alike.”
         *Use both pointer fingers. 
           Place them on each side of the head. 
            Rapidly move the pointer fingers back and forth.
*Children can use this sign when answering questions, listening for specific information in a story, etc.

Invisible Stickers (Mary Lou Taptich)
Cover a scented chapstick with contact paper.  Put it on the children’s hands or papers and tell them it’s an “invisible” sticker.  Kids LOVE it!!

What an amazing organization developed by Randy McCheasney!  We are on the same team when it comes to using music as a vehicle to learn anything.  I’d love to attend one of their training sessions.

Grandparents Game Party
Invite grandparents in to play games with children.

Pick a Ping Pong Ball
Put ideas on ping pong balls and use to pick for transitions.