Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Someone recently asked me, “Are you working this week?”  I said, “What I do is never work.  I LOVE what I do!”  It’s so true and the reason I love what I do is because of all the amazing and wonderful and creative teachers I meet!!!  Take a look at these great ideas from Roanoke and Richmond.

Tools for Good Readers Bookmark  (Tracy Samosky)
Make a “tools for good readers” bookmark for the children to keep in their reading books.  This will help the kids (and parents) remember to:
  1. Look at the picture.
  2. Sound out the letters.
  3. Go back and read it again.
  4. Look for a smaller chunk.
State Song  (Jodie Slusher)
Tune:  “Farmer in the Dell”
Virginia is our state.
Virginia is our state.
Richmond is our capitol.
Virginia is our state.
*Insert your state and capitol.

U S A  (Starlett Phillingane)
(Tune:  “Mary Had a Little Lamb”)
Our country is the U – S – A,
U – S – A, U – S – A.
Our country is the U – S – A
United States of America!

Silent Signals  (Skyler Fox)
Make a poster with fingers for the things below.  Children hold up the appropriate finger for what they need.  The teacher can nod “yes” or shake her head “no.”
1 finger – pencil
2 fingers – tissue
3 fingers – bathroom
5 fingers – question (If the children nod they can’t wait and it’s an emergency.)

Missing Beans  (Suann Strickland)
This is a quick game to help children with missing addend.  Count out 8 beans.  Show them three.  Hide the others in your hand.  The missing addend is ____?  How did you get the answer?  Did you add or subtract?

Mrs. Clock (Karen Hunt)
Use this story to help children learn to tell time.
Mrs. Clock had two boys -  Long Boy and Short Boy.  Mrs. Clock bought the boys new bikes.  Wearing a helmet was the number one rule!  A helmet keeps your brain safe.  When riding bikes one hot day, Long Boy took off his helmet.  Long Boy fell off his bike and got a boo boo on his brain.  Now he can only count by fives.  Short Boy tries to help his brother and he always talks first.  So, when reading a clock, Short Boy talks first and says the hour.  Long Boy talks last and tells the minutes.

Sparkle  (Elizabeth Rechenbach and Ashley Hinkle)
Choose a mystery number.  Talley it on the board and then have the students stand in a circle.  One child begins and each student says a number.  When a student says the “mystery” number she must sit down.  The next student starts counting and the game continues.  The last student is the SPARKLE WINNER and they get a pinch of glitter on their head. 
*Adapt for skip counting or spelling sight words.

Fraction Step Book  (A principal showed us this book, but I lost her name!)
Make a step book from two sheets of paper.  Write “1” on the top sheet.  Cut the second sheet in half and write “1/2” on each section.  Cut the next sheet into thirds and write “1/3” on each section.  Cut the bottom sheet in fourths and write “1/4” on each section.
Good Bye  (Elizabeth Roberts)
At the end of the good-bye song say:
         Sleep tight – til the morning light
         And wake up with a smile!
         See you tomorrow!!