Monday, May 20, 2013


Sure, I know they haven't walked out the door, but here are two ideas that will put you ahead of the game for when school starts again.

Welcome Brochure – Demonstrate how to fold a sheet of paper into thirds to make a brochure.  Let each child create a brochure called “Welcome to Grade.  They could include things they’ll learn, special events, etc.  Save these and give them to your upcoming students when school starts.
Hint!  Have children do a “rough draft.”  Edit and then make a revised copy.

Back to School Bulletin Board -  Have your children create a bulletin board to welcome the new class.  Cover with newspaper to protect over the summer, and you’ll be good to go.  How about one of these themes?
     Lights, Camera, Action!  (Photos of Special Events)
     A Great Batch (Gingerbread Cookies)
     (Teacher’s Name) Bunch  (Bananas)
     Round Up for a Great Year (Horses)
     Lookin’ Good!  (Giant Mirror)
     Kick off for (Grade)!  (Football & Goal)
     Join (Teacher’s Name) Team!  (Pennants and Pompoms)
     Welcome Super Stars  (Stars)
     Swim into a New Year (Fish)
     Bloom in (Grade) (Flower Garden)