Thursday, May 16, 2013


Rhyming Hunt  (Sara Christensen)
Chant while tapping your lap and then clapping:
            We’re going on a rhyming hunt and I know what to do.
            I need to listen well and rhyme a word with you.
Teacher:  Cat  (Teacher calls on a student to say a rhyming word.)
Student:   Hat 

Dance and Point - Tape words, letters, numbers, etc. around the room.  Play some music so the children can dance.  When the music stops the children point to a word.  The teacher calls on students to read their word.

Magic Pointer (Lana from Minneapolis)
To help children learn high frequency words, choose a magic pointer and wave it across a word as you say (with expression);
            Magic pointer, magic pointer, where will it land?
            I don’t know where it will land?
Point to a word for the children to read.  After a few weeks, the children get to take turns with the magic pointer.

Where’s Bear? – Write sight words on the sides of cups.  Put a teddy bear counter under one of the cups.  The children say a word and the teacher lifts the cup to see if the teddy bear counter is under that cup.  Tally who finds the bear and count who has the most, least, etc.

*This activity has endless possibilities.  You could use it for letters, numerals, math facts, etc.  You could also hide seasonal objects or treats under the cups.

Marshmallow Mouths – To teach the kids how to walk in the halls quietly tell them to put a marshmallow in their mouths and give them a real marshmallow.

If You Can Hear Me  (Susan Paulus)
If you can hear me, clap once.
If you can hear me, clap twice…

Transitional Breathing (Katie Saucier)
Smell the roses – hold a pretend bouquet of flowers and smell them.
Blow out your candle – hold up one finger like a birthday candle and blow it out.

Put Your Shoulder on a Wall!  (Martha Carlson)
Line Up Song
Put your shoulder on the wall.
Find a square and put your tootsies in it.

Handwriting Song  (Tune:  “This Old Man”)
Sit up straight, put your feet on the floor.
Angle your paper and write some more.
Sit up straight, put your feet on the floor.
Angle your paper and write some more.

Walking Motions (Stacy Hermann)
To make sure kids are quiet while walking in the halls, have all the students make a certain motion.  For example, they could tap their shoulders when walking.

Line Up Words (Libby Huettl)
Give each student a sight word that they put on a chart.  On the floor are words on electrical tape.  That is where they line up for the day.
*Creep Track - This is made from a shower curtain.  Put sight words in pockets.  Children crawl across and slap their words with their hands.
*Use window markers to write on windows.
*Write words with white crayons and then watercolor over the words.

Read to a Star (Kim Potter)
Purchase plexi-glass picture frames that stand up at the dollar store.  Print pictures of famous people (Justin Bieber, Obama, etc.) and put them in the frames.  Children sit and read to the picture of their choice.

Flip Book – Make a flip book as shown.  Draw an egg, tree, cave, or other animal home on the front flip.  Open and draw a critter that you would find in that habitat.  Hold up to the light to see your little critter in its home.

IKEA – Recycle boxes that are used for picture frames.  Children can put numerals in order, sort sounds, etc.

Sign Language  (Michelle Green)
Check out this super website for sign language.  You’ll find a links for key phrases, letters, numbers, etc.

Throw It Away! (Janine Conway)
If children come in grumpy, ask them to throw their negatives away in the trash can.  (Model taking imaginary things off your body and putting them in the trash.)

Mirror Talk – If children talk ugly to a friend, then tell them to go talk like that in the mirror and see how it feels.
Talk to your hands – If children are wiggling their hands, ask them to please talk to their hands and tell them to be quiet.

And here’s a hand for all of you who shared!  Thank you!!!!