Friday, May 3, 2013


Isn’t this an awesome shirt that a teacher wore last week in Birmingham?  Here are some great ideas from Jackson, MS, and Birmingham to help you “love” teaching!
*Today’s activities will focus on words, but they could be adapted for shapes, numerals, letters, math facts, etc .   Come back tomorrow for transitions, cheers, and math activities.

Noun Song (Staria Russell)
(Tune:  “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain”)
A noun is a person, place or thing.
Yee haw!
A noun is a person, place, or thing.
Yee haw!
A noun is a person. (Point to or name a person.)
A noun is a place. (Name a place.)
A noun is a person, place, or thing.  (Name a thing.)

Roping Spelling Words  (Jennifer Stringer)
Let children turn their chairs around and sit on them backwards (like a horse).  The teacher throws out a word.  The kids then “catch it” and spell the word
(c –a –t) as they pretend to rope each letter.

Sight Word Cadence  (Karen Fortner)
There are twenty words you’ll need
If you want to learn to read…
You                        could                          their                        was
Go                          where                        some                       have  
Said                        me                             little                        the
This                        come                        with                         here
*Select words that are difficult for children because they cannot be sounded out phonetically.

Wikki Stick Words (Tami Humphries)
Write nursery rhymes or poems on chart paper.  Children use Wikki sticks to circle the sight words they find in the poem or rhyme.  Use with a whole group activity, center, or small group.

Poof Review Game  (Kerrie Sherrell -
You will need an old Pringles can.  Write sentences on strips of paper and place them in the can.  Write “Poof!” on a few strips.  If a child can pull out the sentence and identify the noun/verb/etc. they can keep it.  If they pull out “Poof!” they must put all their strips back in the can.

Around the World (Phyllis Malone)
To review letters, sounds, words, etc. play “Around the World.”  Have the children sit in chairs and mix up the flash cards.  If they answer the question right they get to stand.  If not, they stay seated.  Once everyone is up, start round two.  This time they sit.  The last one to sit down “wins.”

Letter Cheer (Lorrie Strong)
Stand up and put your hands on your hips.
Say the word “late.”
Segment the word /l/ /a/ /t/ holding hands cupped out below the chin.
Spell the word “l – a – t – e” as you reach up right and then left.
Hands on hips and say the word “late.”

Sight Word Um Umph!  (Casandra Stewart)
Place sight word cards in a bag along with school day pictures of the teacher.  Laminate cards and pictures on like paper.  Students pull cards out and read the words.  If a student pulls a card with the teacher’s picture, she has sight word “Um Umph!” and all her cards must go back in the bag.  Students love this game!

Four Corners Sight Word Game  (Brandi Morse)
Tape sight words around the room.  Teacher closes eyes and counts to five.  The students walk to a word.  If the teacher says a word where they are standing, then they must sit down.  Continue until one child is left standing.

Cowboys and Chickens (Gina Copeland)
This is similar to the “Boom” flashcard game, but use pictures of cowboys and chickens.  When the cowboy comes up the children make a roping motion as they say, “Yeehaw!”  If the chicken comes up they flap their arms and cluck.