Thursday, May 2, 2013


Picnic Book
Fold a sheet of construction paper in half.  Punch holes at the top and attach pipe cleaners for your handles.  Let children draw and write about an imaginary adventure in their “picnic books.”

Picture This
Cut 5 ½ ” off the top of lunch bags.  Give each child a bag and let them decorate it with construction paper scraps and markers to look like a camera.  Punch two holes at the top and tie on a 24” piece of string so the children can wear their cameras around their necks.  Go on a nature walk around the school and encourage the children to take “pretend” pictures.  When you return to the classroom have children describe different things they saw.  Give each child a 4 ½” square to draw their favorite thing.  Let the children dictate or write a sentence about their picture on the back. 

Come Out and Play!
Brainstorm all the fun things to do outside.  Give each child a sheet of paper and let them draw a picture and write/dictate a sentence about what they like best.  Put their pictures together to make a class book.  Let one child take this home each day to share with their families.