Friday, May 24, 2013


I get sick and tired of hearing the negative news about all the things that are wrong with public education in America.  Well, let me tell you what’s right!  Monday I visited Mary Ford Elementary School in Charleston and now I want a job there!!!  The children were precious, but what children aren’t precious to me!  They were well behaved, enthusiastic, cooperative, and excited about learning.  At one time Mary Ford was a “low performing school,” but NOT any more!!! 
Behind every great student is a great teacher.
Behind every great teacher is a great administrator.
Behind every great administrator is a great superintendent.

Dr. Nancy McGinley is the amazing superintendent of Charleston County Schools.  Great things have happened since she came here, but I’ll tell you her secret.  I was told that Dr. McGinley says, “I work for children.”  What she means by that is that politics and school boards and parents are secondary to the needs of children.  If we could all hold hands and truly say, “I work for children,” what unbelievable things we could accomplish!

After singing with the primary grades I visited Ms. Small’s first grade and made a book with them.  Her name might be “Small”, but she’s a GIANT when it comes to teaching and creative ideas!  I walked in the room and was greeted by this message on a table.  She explained that someone was throwing out the table, so she painted the top with chalkboard paint and writes a message on it for the children each day.  
She’s also quite a poet!
A little rhythm and sometimes rhyme.
You better get ready,
It’s poetry time!

Here’s another cool idea from a first grade teacher.  He bought several super hero belts and uses them to reinforce good work in math and reading.  They call them their “champ” belts!  Look at those proud faces!