Saturday, May 4, 2013


Some more GREAT shirts and GREAT activities from MS and AL!

Cheer (Cynthia Morrow)
Hands formed in an “M” above the head as you say:
“M m m m m m – I’m loving it!”
Point to each other or the one that is doing the right thing.

Campbell Soup Cheer  (Mechickia Brooks)
Johnny’s work is “Mmmm, mmm, good!”
Johnny’s work is “Mmmm, mmm, good!”

Disco Cheer (Pamela Reeves)
That’s the way, uh-huh, uh-huh I like it.
Uh-hum, uh-huh.  (Point like John Travolta.)

Cheers  (Lakisha Jackson)
Fantastic – Fan yourself on “fan” and hands in the air on “tastic.”
Good job!  Good job!  (clap, clap)
Good job!  Good job!   (clap clap)
G double o- o- d   J – o – b.
Good job!  Good job!

Time to Move Along (Rebecca A. and Ben)
(Tune:  “Farmer in the Dell”)
Time to move along.
Time to move along.
Hi, ho, the dairy-oh,
Time to move along.

Clean up the mess you made…
Pick up your things and walk…

Ticket, Please  (Rhonda Anthony)
Children need a ticket to enter or exit the classroom.  Students are asked a review question.  If they get it correct, they get a ticket and it goes in a hat.  Pull the lucky ticket and the winner gets a treat.

Mystery Trash (Lindsey)
Tell the students there is a piece of mystery trash for them to find.  After your room is spotless, award the person who found the mystery trash!

Mystery Walker (Lindsey)
Choose a random “pick me stick” and hide it in your pocket when you are walking the halls.  At the end of the day award that walker for good behavior.

Attention Chant  (Cynthia Morrow)
Teachers says:  Spaghetti
Students say:     Meatballs
Chocolate – Milk
Ring, ring – Hello?
Chump chump- Yum yum!

Smelly (Sara Jordan Madison)
To reward students instead of candy or stickers, give them a “smelly.”  Rub their hand with a smelly chapstick from the Dollar Tree.

Macarena Months (Nancy Gibson)
Say the months of the year to the “Macarena.”  End with hands on hips rotating as you sing, “These are the months of the year.”

Birthday Month (Yvonne)
Have children stand up when they hear their birthday month sung in “Macarena Months.”  Children sit down when they hear their month again.  (Repeat)

Compound Rap  (Rhonda Anthony)
Teacher:              You take two words and you make…
Students:            One big word.
Teacher:            My word is rainbow.
Teacher:            First word
Students:            Rain
Teacher:            Second word
Students:            Bow
Together:            RAINBOW

Math Signs (Becky McDaniel)
Use your fingers to create “+, -, =” symbols.
Put fingers together on JOIN the groups together.
The “+” sign means you have to add or join the groups together.
- Minus means you take away, take away, take away.  This also means subtract.  (Move fingers away.)
= Means the same as, the same as, the same as.  = Means the same as and this is my answer.

Book Looks  (Diana Beasley)
Each week write one of these on cover stock and post on the wall:
Letters, Word Wall Words, Fancy Words, Characters, Plot
Model how to find these with big books.  Give children small sticky notes to mark when they find these in their books.  Let them share what they’ve found with a friend.

Letter Journals (Myra Anderson)
Create letter journals for all the children.  At the beginning of the year, they write the letter of the week and draw two pictures for that letter.  At the end of the year they write blends, draw two pictures, and try to “sound out” the words and spell them the best that they can.

Snowball Fight  (Tarla Breazeale)
Pass out pieces of paper to students that have been programmed with matches, such as antonyms, math facts and answers, etc.  Students wad up paper and on “GO” they begin tossing the papers.  Let them continue for 30 seconds or so.  Call “time.”  Students each get one snowball, unwad it, and try and find their match.

Word Family Rap  (Erica Smith)
Its time to blend - it’s time to blend.
So now, so now, we shall begin.
Its time to blend - it’s time to blend.
So now, so now, we shall begin.
B says /b/  A-T says /at/
Put them together and that spells “cat.”
(Continue making words with ad, an, etc.)
We’ve learned to blend – we’ve learned to blend
So now we’re at the end.  The end!

Letter Motions  (Dorothy Lee)
Use these hand motions to help children learn letters and sounds.
A /a/  Fingers crawl up arm like an ant.
B /b/  Bat a ball.
C /c/  Cross hands and snap fingers.
D /d/  Beat a drum.
E /e/  Take hand and break egg.
F /f/   Take right hand and mash to left hand.
G /g/  Pretend to gulp a glass of water.
H /h/  Fan hands as if hot.
I /i/    Pretend your nose has an itch.
J /j/   Spread hands and jiggle.
K /k/  Raise hands and snap fingers.
L /l/   Raise pointer finger above nose and down mouth.
M /m/ Rub stomach.
N /n/  Hold out arm and slightly rock.
O /o/  Hold head back and open mouth wide.
P /p/  Put one finger over lips.
Q /qu/ Put palms together and raise fingers up.
R /r/   Lean forward and roar like a lion.
S /s/  Raise finger and wiggle like a snake.
T /t/   Turn head to the side and say the sound /t/.
U /u/  Make a fist with one hand and place on the other with thumb up.
V /v/  Put hands as if on a steering wheel and make a /v/ sound.
W /w/ Put fingers on lips and throw a kiss in the wind.
X /ks/ Cut in the air.
Y /y/   Hold pinky up and then dip as if tasting yummy, yellow yogurt.
Z /a/   Take pointer finger and zigzag in the air.

Number Line (Mary Mae Street)
Write numerals 1-10 horizontally on a sheet of paper.  Put in a zip bag with a tab.  Teacher says a word problem and the children find the answer using their number line.

Left to Right Progression (Bettie Martin)
(Beyonce’s song “To the Left”)
To the left, to the left,
Everything starts from the top to the left.
In your writing, in your reading,
To the left, to the left.

Contractions (Cynthia Morrow)
You put the “can” in.  (Shake your invisible shaker.)
You put the “not” in.  (Shake the other hand like a shaker.)
You take the “o” out and add an apostrophe.  (Take out something and make an apostrophe in the air.)
You smoosh it all together and “can’t” comes out.  (Clap hands together.)