Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Keta Turner from DeWitt Elementary in Arkansas sent this end of the year activity.  What a great idea for recalling the year, and I know it’s something that children would wear and treasure.  (I also spy some standards that relate to recall and speaking!)

"Through the Year" Necklace
Let children string the following beads on a cord as you review the school year.

Yellow bead-August (for the sun-it was summer when we started school)
Brown bead-September (football started!)
Orange bead-October (jack-o-lanterns)
Black bead-November (like the Pilgrim hats we made)
Red bead-December (for Santa's suit)
White bead-January (snow)
Pink bead-February (Valentine's day)
Green bead-March (St. Patrick's day)
Blue bead-April (April showers...)
Purple bead-May (May flowers)
P.S.  We do not go to school in the month of June, but I thought June could be a clear bead: "Clearly" you worked hard this year.

Note!  Some of you might not do holidays, but you could tie this necklace in with seasons (orange for leaves turning colors or pink for the blossoms on the trees) or units of study (red for the field trip to the fire station or green for the seeds we planted).