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Friday, May 31, 2013


Life is full of surprises, and here’s a story about something that happened to me this week.  I’m now the official Number One Fan of Tarzan #12!

Some of you might know this chant that is on my “Dr. Jean and Friends” CD.  It’s so silly, but the kids love it!

Tarzan  (Echo chant)
Tarzan.                                       (Cup hands around mouth as if calling Tarzan.)
Swimming on a rubber band.  (Swing arms in air.)
Fell into a frying pan.                (Pretend to hold frying pan.)
Now Tarzan has a tan.

Jane                                            (Cup hands around mouth as if calling Jane.)
Flying in an airplane.               (Extend arms as if flying.)
Crashed into a freeway lane.  (Clap hands.)
Now Jane has a pain.              (Bend back and pretend to walk with a cane.)

Cheetah                                    (Cup hands and call Cheetah.)
Rocking to the beat – a.          (Snap fingers.)
Got caught by an amoeba.    (Pretend to catch something.)
Now Cheetah is Velveeta.     (Pretend to spread something on left arm.)

Nancy Miller, a teacher in Las Vegas, emailed that her husband Dennis Miller was Tarzan #12.  He was also the surfer on Gilligan’s Island, the Gorton’s fisherman, and played in countless other TV shows and commercials.  Google him and you’ll find out what an exciting career he has had!

Dennis Miller represents the kind of hero I was fortunate to grow up with.  Strong, honest, caring, and a good model.  I could weep when I think about some of the models our children have on television!  We need more Tarzans!

Anyway, Denny and I have been communicating and he’s committed to fitness and exercise like I am.  One of his books is ME TARZAN…YOU TRAIN!  WITHOUT PAIN!  There are great pictures, illustrations, directions, quotes…and his humor will put a smile on your face!  Some of the exercises are perfect for brain breaks in the classroom. 

His other book DIDN’T YOU USED TO BE WHAT’S HIS NAME? chronicles his life and experiences with fellow actors like Katherine Hepburn, Chuck Connors, Lucille Ball and countless others.  His writing is like a breath of fresh air because he doesn’t say anything unkind about anyone.  What a beautiful soul!  The world is a better place because of people like Tarzan and Dennis Miller!  I can’t wait to meet he and his wife Nancy the next time I’m in Las Vegas!

Here's an interesting story from his book about the elephant in the photograph.  Apparently, African elephants have big ears, but they are difficult to train.  The elephants from India are much easier to train, but they have small ears.  Since Tarzan lived in Africa they strapped fake rubber ears on the elephant he rode!  Even before photo shop they fooled us!

Here’s how you can contact Dennis Miller and get his books: