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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Gift Flip Book  (Highlands K Team)
Make a flip book and draw squares on the front.  Open and draw what you’d like for Christmas.  Decorate with bows and then hold up to the light to see your gifts.
*Children could draw things they would like to give to others.

Word Walk  (Jean Custantine)
Write sight words on paper footsteps.  Laminate and lay in a path around the classroom.  Students walk the word walk and read the words.

Pick and Spell  (Amberly Qualls)
1.  Pick a sight word out of a can.
2.  Spell it with magnetic letters.
3.  Write the word.

CVC Words (Betty Tillis)
Put three strips of masking tape on the door.  Put a magnetic letter on each strip to make a CVC word.  Students have to blend the sounds and read the word to get in the classroom.
Digraph Burrito Book (Eden Rhynehart)
Fold a sheet of paper into a burrito (thirds) and flatten.  Write “sh,” “ch,” and “th” in the different sections.  Children look for words beginning or ending with these digraphs in reading passages and write them in the appropriate section.

Word Burrito Book
After making the burrito book, open it up.  Children write a word in the top section.  Next, they trace around the word several times with different colors of crayons to make a rainbow word.  In the middle section they illustrate the word.  In the bottom section they use the word in a sentence.

Block Sentences  (Linda Edwards)
Put words or letters on unit blocks.  Children can put the blocks together to make sentences or CVC words.

Password of the Day  (Marisol Ryley)
Post a different word each day outside the classroom door.  Children must read it before they can enter.
Liz Rampy attended a conference I did in November and shared her website with me.  With all the emphasis on standards, it’s nice to see some attention given to character education.  Liz does a great job of integrating civic responsibility with academic skills.